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GALLE & RIVER SAFARI – A full day excursion

This full day trip to Galle will be an exiting one with River safari at Balapitiya.  Enjoy a scenic cruise along the Madhu River, a relaxing trip with plenty of interesting stops.  You pass dozens of islets forested with mangroves and can appreciate the timeless natural rhythms of rural life.  You cruise in a canopied, outboard motor powered boat; pausing to view a 200 year old temple and to watch the locals cultivating cinnamon.  You may also see traditional fishing techniques in action and can view demonstrations of coir manufacture and rope making.  Bring your binoculars along if you can as around 46 species of bird reside in the area including 14 aquatic varieties.  You can also spot huge water lilies and colourful butterflies.
Galle is south Sri Lanka’s most important town.  In 1587 the Portugues annexed Galle from it’s Sinhala kings and built its first fortress naming it “Santacrusz”.  Its old world charm appeals as a tourist destination.  To this, it looks back to 500 years of nurture under Sinhala, Portuguese, Dutch and British stewardship.  On your return, visit a Turtle Hatchery and the Moonstone Mine in Meethiyagoda.  Monstone is found concentrate within an acre of land believed to have been blessed by the moon.  The moonstone is a semi-precious gem of Sri Lanka that possess unique qualities relating to the moon.
see the Turtle Hatchery. it is common sense, that in certain instances vari ous criteria employed in the name of conservation become the very measures that exacerbate the pre vailing circumstances. Turtle hatcheries are no exception.Globally all seven spe cies of marine turtles ex isting are endangered. Two are critically endan gered. Out of these seven species, five species visit the shores of Sri Lanka . Given this situation, it is needless to mention, that conserving marine turtles is of principal concern