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Yala safari and camping and safari tours. If you are looking for an authentic wildlife experience that involves sleeping under canvas in complete luxury amidst scenic jungle settings, dining under the stars to the sounds of a crackling campfire, enjoying fresh local food while sipping chilled beer, engaging in interesting bush walks, meeting with the locals and most significantly experiencing the best of Sri Lankan wildlife while on safari with...
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Sigiriya Rock Fortress Sigiriya also known as the Lion’s Rock is a rock fortress and a palace located in the Matale district of Sri Lanka. This ruin is surrounded by gardens, ponds and other structures. Sigiriya was built by King Kassapa and it is included as a World Heritage site. Sigiriya is the best preserved city centre in Asia. The Rock itself has its unique identity due to its shape...
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History of the Kandy Perahera Old Ceylon Kandy Perahera – the Kandy Perahera originates with the arrival of Prince Dantaha and Princess Hemamala, the son-in-law and daughter of King Guhasiva of Kalinga in India to Sri Lanka during the reign of King Kirthisiri Meghawanna (305-331 AD). Following the decree of King Kirthisiri Meghawanna that the Relic should be taken round the city of Anuradhapura once a year, the Esala Perahera...
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      Have a break from daily monotonous routine and plan holidays to Sri Lanka. The Asian country is dotted with attractive places like tea estates, waterfalls, gardens and heritage places. I want to bring for you a sneak peek of Sri Lanka tourism. Tourist Places Colombo: The crowd in the administrative centre city Colombo presents a marvelous mixture of ancient culture and modern beliefs. Places to see in...
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The views on both sides of the rail are breathtaking. The train winds through the mountains overlooking farms and villages and of course vast tea plantations. The scenery changes throughout the trip. Often at times, you are looking out at an entire green view than the next minute you are in the middle of a woodland forest. The train also passes through multiple tunnels. The kids on my train thought...
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Srilanka is the wonder of Asia,since its own glamour and Nature brings all in to one Family

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